Many people have a craze to play online gambling games for several reasons such as stress relief, entertainment and lots more. When people decide to play games, then there are plenty of online games available, but certain games would reach out high attention among people.

One of such online games is Betfair that is well known among people for online bets especially sports betting game online. Although people widely play Betfair gaming most of them do not familiar with Betfair deposit and withdrawal process which cause great impact in handling amounts in Betfair account.

Thus people would often search for the best method to withdraw the deposited amount in their Betfair account. To ease out their searches at present people can use PayPal on Betfair gaming account to withdraw their deposited money.

Steps to withdraw money using PayPal:

Unlike other online gaming accounts the amount deposit and withdrawal is not much difficult in terms of Betfair. Being a wide playing online sports betting game Betfair holds straightforward methods for amount deposition into your account.

People are allowed to make their deposition using debit or credit card in Betfair accounts however majority of people make use of Betfair PayPal methods for deposition.

When it comes to withdrawal it is easy same as deposition but most of the people stuck in confusion with withdrawal process to make it clear enough here are steps for amount withdrawal from Betfair with PayPal are listed below.


  • In order to withdraw your deposit amount, log in to your Betfair account
  • You can able to find profiles and account option click on that, a new option would pop up
  • In new window select option access your main wallet then selects withdrawal option.
  • Once you are done with this you are supposed to choose withdrawal options or method for selecting specified method you should enter required fields such as account details, contact and security number.

Thus by completing all above steps you can able to make a Betfair withdrawal with PayPal in short time at risk free condition. In case if you are withdrawing amount for first time then Betfair would request you to provide ID proof for verification.

Once the amount is withdrawn the funds will be transferred to your bank account via PayPal. Thus when you follow all the above mentioned steps it is easy for you to withdraw money from Betfair account using PayPal.