People who are interested to play betting games have same question about whether the gambling is legal in India. In which the Indian gambling law is unclear and vague that makes most of the people confused where only certain kinds of gambling sports betting are found to be legal one in India.

Gambling is really found to be an issue that divides the country where some of them believe it that playing the betting is fully legal one in India but it should be regulated as per the Indian laws.

Comparing to other gambling or betting games only the horse racing betting is allowed in India where it is played widely in the India by betting fans.

Although the horse race betting is found to be legal in India it seems completely ridiculous one to make the distinction from other betting sports.

The only reason behind this is why the policymakers decided to legalize the horse racing betting because they know that is they prohibited this betting then it would be end of the horse breeding the India County.

There are number of online sports betting sites are available in India where they all provide the service to bet only on the legalized betting game.

When will the gambling be fully legalized one in India?

The Indian government is perfectly aware about that many citizens are now engaged with the online gambling and sports betting games and if they really wanted to make it illegal one then they would have to amend the current law with the prohibition of online sports betting gambling.


Now betting is legal in India where most of the gambling fans are engaged in playing their favourite sports betting just by being at their home. There are number of online sports betting sites are available where you can use your own favourite site for betting on your sports game.

Online betting is legal in India

Where if you are interested in betting your favourite sports game then you can just make use of this service by using the online sites being at your comfort zone.

The online betting is legal one in most of the country but only the horse racing is found to be legal one in India comparing to all other betting and gambling games available on the internet. Some of the bettors also play the sports betting game for earning more amount of money.